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Here’s Why Some People Think Meghan Markle Is Pregnant

Royal watchers have been focusing on Meghan Markle’s mid-section ever since she exchanged vows with Prince Harry back in May. And now, speculation is at a fever pitch ever since Markle was seen wearing a ruffled dress at a recent event. Is it just an unflattering cut or is she really trying to hide a baby bump?

The Duchess of Sussex turned 37 last month, so time is of the essence. And Harry has made it very clear that he wants a family sooner than later. Hmmmm…..

“Meghan and Harry have mentioned to some of their close friends that they are eager to become parents,” a palace insider told Best Life. “They are really enjoying married life. I wouldn’t be surprised if an announcement is imminent.”

Palace officials say this is all hearsay and that Markle is not expecting. But people can’t seem to get over the dress that she wore recently at the 100 Days to Peace concert in London. Royal bump watchers speculate this blue dress is proof that Markle is trying to hide a bump.

Others point out that she’s also been hiding behind her clutch lately.

As Best Life reports, at the WellChild Awards in London, she wore a fitted suit with an oversized jacket and loose fitting black silk top “despite the unusually hot weather.” As you can see, that clutch rarely left her stomach, even when she was on the red carpet.

Also according to Best Life, Markle’s signature Disney hair has been less straight lately. To some, that’s an indicator that she’s given up toxic chemicals associated with a Brazilian blowout; the hair straightening process is not recommended for pregnant women.

Other outlets say Harry has also been showing more PDA, rubbing Markle’s back at public appearances and being more attentive than usual.

But it does seem odd that he’d let Markle fly to Canada by herself, which she did recently, if the couple had just found out they were becoming parents. What say you, royal baby bump watchers?


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