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Johnny Knoxville Explains That Time Blood Shot Out Of His Penis

The 'Jackass' star and co-creator explains his career of injuries.

Johnny Knoxville Explains That Time Blood Shot Out Of His Penis
Screenshot via Vanity Fair/Youtube

Every teenage boy in America should pay a monthly stipend to Johnny Knoxville for the level of physical torture and pain he’s endured. All in the name of our laughter and entertainment. And while Knoxville and his Jackass posse hasn’t shied away from telling us where it hurts, and how bad it hurts, we’ve never known the totality of suffering one man can stand.

Thanks to Knoxville and Vanity Fair, we understand a little more now. Johnny Knoxville broke down the injuries he’s overcome throughout his career and while you might be prepared for how gruesome things get in Knoxville’s world, you have no idea how weird things can get.

“I thought I was peeing myself,” Knoxville explains, after he fell off a motorbike mid-jump and the bike’s handles landed square on his pelvis. “Every time my heart would beat, blood would shoot out the end of my penis.”

Give Knoxville credit. He does not shy away from any stunt, no matter how stupid. From first testing self-defense weapons when he briefly wrote for magazine to his most recent movie Action Point, where his eye popped out of its socket. Just try not to look away.

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