Monday, August 3, 2020
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Lindsay Lohan Wants To Open A Resort In Dubai Called ‘Lindsayland’

Following a viral video of her dancing in Mykonos like nobody was watching, Lindsay Lohan has experienced a rebirth of sorts. Instead of feeling embarrassment over becoming a meme, Lilo owned up to her dance moves, giving the impression that she’s in on the joke. Celebrities and fans have been uploading videos of themselves imitating her now iconic moves and it’s been a fun and wholesome time. Now, Lohan wants to open a resort in Dubai, which she’ll call Lindsayland.



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Page Six reports that Lohan has been alluding to this type of island investment for a while now. Recently, she uploaded an image on Instagram (which she quickly deleted) that featured a prototype of Lindsayland. The Cut reports that the image featured the design plans for Jasmine Gardens, a group of islands designed to look like the world from above. Jasmine Gardens was supposed to feature the best amenities, hotels, restaurants, and spas, but it’s been put on hold indefinitely.

While Lindsayland may never happen, we’ll always have the promise of what could have been. You can catch more of Lilo on herΒ upcoming reality TV show called “Lohan Beach House,” which details her struggle to open up a nightclub in Greece. We hope it’s as fun and fabulous as her dancing.


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