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Martha Stewart Rips Uber On Instagram; Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas’s Strange Wedding Registry

Duchess Meghan’s 2018 American tax filing is going to be a gigantic mess

Despite marrying into Britain’s most famous family earlier this year, Meghan Markle is still an American citizen. Her journey to legally become a British subject will take several years to complete and during this time, the Duchess of Sussex will still have to pay tax in the United States. This means that every penny of her royal income will need to be declared to US officials, who will be keen to know how much the 37-year-old earns, saves on rent and receives in gifts from the Royal Family.

But that’s not all. Strict American rules could mean that Prince Harry’s money also comes under threat from the tax man. This is because guidance notes for US citizens state that “you are generally taxed on income available to you, regardless of whether it is in your posession.” Therefore, the Duke of Sussex’s £20million trust fund, set up with money he inherited from the late Princess Diana and the Queen Mother, could be liable for tax, as it is money which is “available” to Meghan as Harry’s wife.

This account produces an income of £300,000 a year for the 34-year-old prince, on which he already pays UK income tax. If that weren’t bad enough, royal aides recently told The Sunday Express that the tax probe could also extend further into the family and impact the Queen and Prince Charles as they both provide funding for the couple.

One aide revealed: “We’re looking at a level of financial exposure the Royal Family has never had to face before. It’s the royal household’s worst nightmare.”

Buckingham Palace will reportedly be recruiting a team of US financial experts to assist with Meghan’s tax returns.

[From The Daily Mirror]

Buckingham Palace will reportedly be recruiting a team of US financial experts to assist with Meghan’s tax returns!

Martha Stewart shares her difficult first experience with Uber

Martha Stewart took her first-ever Uber ride on Monday — and it didn’t end well.

“My very first Uber! I ordered the most expensive version to pick me up on Fifth Avenue and 57th street in front of Tiffany’s The first Uber did not show up,” she wrote on Instagram.

“The second Uber came ten minutes later and parked halfway down 57th street where I could not see the license plate Then we were facing east when I had to go west and south Took twenty minutes to face south west Etc etc it only took a bit more than one hour,” Stewart continued.

And her travel travails didn’t end there — the always-tidy businesswoman and former federal inmate kvetched that the car itself was a total sty.

“On top of it all the car was a mess inside and out!!!!!!!!” she wrote along with photos of what appeared to be her $300 Manolo snakeskin pumps planted on a sordid car floor. “And I want Uber to succeed!”

“We were so disappointed to hear about Martha’s negative experience this morning. We have been in touch with her as we know that every trip counts,” an Uber spokeswoman said.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Made a Truly Weird Wedding Registry With Amazon

“I had so much fun building a wedding registry guide with @amazon,” she wrote on her Instagram. Then she revealed one little perk that came from her partnership with the company: “Amazon has also made a $100,000 donation to UNICEF, a charity that is extremely important to me!!!”

So what wonderfully weird items will you find on the Chonas registry? A record player because “I’ve always loved a record player,” Chopra told People. “I just love the sound-I play everything from Ariana Grande to The Chainsmokers on my record player. It looks so cool. And every party with me ends up in a dance party. It just has to happen!”

A rain jacket for Chopra’s dog Diana because “she lives a good life, let’s just say,” Chopra told People. “And she refuses to walk outside when it’s raining. She refuses!”

She also asked for a pet GPS system:

Other random items include a “Wifey” sleep mask because why not be a little basic on the honeymoon?

Dumbbells (guess Chopra doesn’t have any?) and a pair of rollerblades.

There’s also some typical newlywed things: throw pillows, a Vitamix Blender, a wireless printer!


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