Saturday, December 3, 2022

Meghan Markle’s Breakfast Is Being Blamed For Drought And Violent Crime

The Duchess of Sussex is getting blamed for everything lately. From getting between brothers Harry and William over her “unfitness” to be a royal, to stealing the spotlight from Kate Middleton. And now, Meghan Markle is being blamed for contributing to the effects of global warming and violent cartels in Mexico.

It all started when a Hollywood friend of hers posted a photo on Instagram of a meal the two shared while he was visiting Markle in London. As you can see, the two enjoyed some millennial approved avocado toast.

It seems innocent enough, and incredibly lovely (chocolates for breakfast? yes, please!), but the Daily Mail was quick to point out that avocados are not the environment’s best friend, leaving a major carbon footprint with its water guzzling and high-maintenance transportation requirements. And, you guys, Markle should have known better, because royalty.

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“Wherever they come from, the thousands of miles any avocado has to travel to get to Britain means they leave a heavy carbon footprint. This is because they are perishable but cannot be frozen because it alters their texture. They must therefore be transported either by air or in air-conditioned container ships so they ripen at just the right moment,” writes the Daily Mail.

And then there are the violent drug cartels that Markle clearly wasn’t thinking about when she became hungry and ate the popular, nutrient dense fruit for brekkie with her friend.

According to the Daily Mail, avocados have “proved so lucrative in Mexico that it has been dubbed ‘green gold’ and is even filling the coffers of brutal drug cartels.”

“Mexico now makes more money exporting avocados than oil. Unfortunately, the [rural western state of] Michoacan is also home to some of Mexico’s most violent cartels. They include La Familia Michoacana, whose leaders once tossed five rivals’ heads on to the dance floor of a nightclub; their equally vicious rivals in the Knights Templar, a quasi-religious death cult; and Los Viagras, named for their leader’s heavily moussed, erect hair.

“In Michoacan, the cartels now make more money from avocados than cannabis. Some drug criminals are becoming growers themselves, others simply terrorise the industry. Avocado farmers, who in Michoacan can easily earn more than £115,000 a year, a vast sum in Mexico, live in continual fear of kidnapping and extortion.”

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The Daily Mail says that the U.K. avocado market is estimated to be worth around £200 million a year (that’s over $260 million). Because of it’s social and environmental impact, many U.K. restaurants have taken it off their menus.

And even if Markle’s avocado didn’t come from Mexico, the Daily Mail would like to remind everyone that the situation isn’t any better in other countries that export the popular food. Wow. The power of a single Instagram post, huh?



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