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NFL Canceling Half Time Show?; Kim Kardashian Is Getting A True Crime Series

NFL Cancels Half Time Show – EXCLUSIVE

The NFL are sick of all the backlash from artists not wanting to participate in the Super bowl half-time production following the controversary with Colin Kaepernick. And now the league is talking about cancelling the show altogether.

“The NFL has been stung by what has happened this year. In the past huge stars were begging to perform at the event. The NFL were literally fighting off the biggest stars in the world. Previously acts were so desperate to perform that the NFL doesn’t even pay them a fee. However this year everything has changed. Now none of the big stars want to perform following all the controversy over the NFL’s reaction to players taking a knee,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “After putting on some of the greatest shows ever the NFL are rethinking the half-time show. They would rather go in a completely different direction than have a B-list act take the field.”

Kim Kardashian True Crime Series – EXCLUSIVE

In true Kardashian fashion, Kim is turning her experience of getting a Presidential pardon into a money- making enterprise with a new TV show – a true crime series.

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“Kim has learned a huge amount about the legal system and has started to work on a new true crime TV series where she will follow people who she believes have been falsely accused,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Kim doesn’t plan to be in the new show but rather will be a producer. This is her new passion and she knows the power of TV. She wants to shine a spotlight on injustice around America and use her power to help those with none.”

Meghan Markle Taking Step Back To Let Kate Shine – EXCLUSIVE

Meghan Markle has been listening to royal advisers and has decided that she needs to take it down a notch, especially when she is around Kate Middleton.

“Wearing a dark color and allowing Kate to shine when they all walked to the Church at Christmas together was a very smart and strategic move by Meghan. She has been listening to her advisers and has decided that taking on the wife of the future King – and mother of another future King – isn’t a good idea. If Meghan wants to thrive in this family, she will need Kate, who runs the show,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER.

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“After getting off to a very bad start, Meghan has decided that she needs to take it down a notch and blend in more as she learns the rules of the family and the job. She came on too strong and has dialed it way back. Expect to see less of Hollywood Meghan in 2019— less of her hanging out with Amal Clooney and more of her walking a few paces behind Kate.”


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