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Prince William Got Booed By A Bunch Of People And Here’s Why

It probably hasn’t been the best week for Prince William. The spotlight has been on his younger brother, Harry, who he’s in a reported feud with; rumors are still swirling about an alleged affair; and now he can add “being booed and heckled” to that list.

Will didn’t exactly receive a standing ovation or fist bumps when he arrived Friday to attend a service marking 50 years of the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarines. Hundreds of protestors outside Westminster Abbey yelled “shame on you” and “down with war,” condemning the Prince’s attendance.

The Duke of Cambridge, who has served as Commodore-in-Chief of the submarine service since 2006, read from the Bible and, according to the Washington Post, the Dean of Westminster, John Hall, told attendees, “We pray that the Royal Navy may never be required to deploy these terrible forces in war and that they may continue to deter their use by others.”

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Activist Omar Ahmed told the BBC, “I’m surprised that he would come and support something that could destroy our planet.”

Kate Hudson, secretary-general of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, echoed those sentiments, saying that the event “sends out a terrible message to the world about our country. It says that here in Britain we celebrate weapons — in a place of worship — that can kill millions of people.”

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