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Are You Using The Most Popular Emojis On Facebook?

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Emojis are a language unto themselves. They communicate feelings when words seem to fail us. So we guess it makes sense that there’d be a holiday celebrating emojis. That day is known as World Emoji Day and took place this week. To commemorate the day, our friendly pal Mark Zuckerberg shared which emojis people most use on Facebook. It actually gives you a decent indication of what people value most explicitly on the internet: crying laughter and fake hearts. Coming in at No. 1 on the list is the laughing with tears running down your face emoji. Don’t confuse this with the emoji rolling on its side through teary chuckles—that placed No. 4 on the list.

Rounding at the list is various smiling and winking emojis, a.k.a. the standard ones everyone finds themselves occasionally using. While it seems the upside down smiley emoji got snubbed, we’re okay with it remaining a cool kids’ secret for now.

Now, while this information is playfully and colorfully presented, we have no idea the data and statistics behind these figures. This does fit in with the way Facebook prefers to operate. So who knows how much anyone uses any of these emojis—we just know they’re popular.

That being said, there’s a basic breakdown showing what emoji is most popular in each country. Spain and Italy share an affinity toward the kissy face emoji, while Brazil and Mexico appreciate the heart eyes emoji. In America, the land of schadenfreude, we’re big fans of the rolling on our side crying laughing emoji. We’re just trying to smile through the tears, y’all.

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