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This Kid Won His Science Fair By Proving Tom Brady Is A Cheater

Look, if science proves something is true then we must rely upon those conclusions. Otherwise we’d be humans bumbling about the universe, believing rocks hurtled to the ground because that was their “natural place” as Aristotle did, instead of understanding the concept of gravity.

Hopefully that prelude convinces you to believe this 10-year-old’s brilliant science fair project that proves Tom Brady is a cheater. Ace Davis, who’s from Lexington, Kentucky, won his school event with a project board that included a classic Deflategate meme, a picture of Tom Brady crying, and another of Brady making a weird face.

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Ace’s impetus for the project was simple.

“Because I hate Tom Brady, he’s been accused of cheating before, I want him to be caught,” he told NFL Draft Diamonds.

Here’s how Ace proved Brady was a cheater through science via Yahoo! Sports:

He wanted to show that deflated footballs gave Brady a competitive advantage. On his poster, he included the results of experiments he did with his mom and sister. Each of them threw footballs of varying inflation, and he measured the distance of each one and calculated the average. He found that the least inflated football traveled the farthest, therefore giving Brady a competitive advantage.

Ace also wanted people to know Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback of all time, not Brady. In fact, if he had one message for Brady, Ace would tell the quarterback, “Gimme some of your money, you don’t deserve it.”

What a legend. Because Ace won his contest, he’s onto the next level of competition, which he says, “I’m gonna win that too.”



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