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Why Meghan Markle Might Have Twins If She Decides To Have Kids

They’ve only been married for less than three months, but already people are speculating on the baby making plans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Actually, the speculation started even before the ceremony. Because, let’s be honest, we want to see what those babies are going to look like.

Ever since the couple mentioned shortly after their engagement that they’d like to start a family in the “near future,” bump watch has basically been a past-time sport for some. And for others, they like to talk about how the couple will have children. Will Markle get knocked up quickly? They can’t keep their hands off each other! Will they do IVF? Markle is pushing 40! Will they adopt? They’re such humanitarians!

An actual professional in this field suggests Markle may even have…triplets! Can you even imagine the media storm swirling those poor kids if that happens?

The Daily Express talked to the head of family and professional support at the Twins and Multiple Births Association, Helen Turier, who told them that, “Older women, so women in their late thirties, early forties, are more likely to hyper-ovulate.”

Markle turns 37 on August 4.

“As far as we understand, it’s due to changing levels of hormones,” says Turier, adding that if the couple does end up having issues with conception, fertility treatments like IVF can also boost a woman’s chance of multiple births. We all know the story of Jon and Kate Gosselin.

“If you have one fertilized embryo put back, in some cases that can split into two identical monochorionic, monozygotic twins, which is why you can have one embryo put back and end up with twins,” Turier said.

“In the U,K. we have quite strict rules —  you either have one embryo put back, and in some circumstances you’re allowed two, and one of those may split and become two, so you can have two put back and end up with three. Whereas overseas there is no limit, which is why we get women who have had fertility treatment abroad come back pregnant with triplets or quads.”

We’ll have to wait to see what arises with Markle and her (presumably) babies. But either way, she’s probably going to have cute kids. Don’t you think?



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