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Willie Nelson Wants To Smoke Marijuana With Trump And Putin

Whenever cannabis enthusiasts reveal their dream toking partners, as Brad Pitt did last year, there are usually a few stand-by names people say. Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, Cheech & Chong usually gets tossed around. You might also hear celebs like Whoopi Goldberg, Woody Harrelson, Rihanna and Willie Nelson, the country legend on nearly everyone’s list.

But we never ask these same celebs who they’d like to smoke with. In that spirit, Stephen Colbert visited Nelson on his iconic tour bus to ask who the Red Headed Stranger would want to light up with.

Quickly, Nelson said yes to Snoop Dogg, the Pope, and Meryl Streep. Though the country singer didn’t know who Yo-Yo Ma was, Nelson also agreed to smoking up with the cellist. Then again, who would you honestly expect Willie Nelson to turn down?

Colbert brought out the big guns: Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. The late-night show host inquired if Willie thought it’d help international relations if he toked with Putin. “There’s several people I’d like to see take a hit, so to speak,” Nelson replied.

Of smoking with Trump, Nelson said, “Oh yeah. He needs one bad. That could be good for him.” On Obama, he said, “Yeah, I think he may have already been there a time or two.” Which yeah, Willie’s probably right on that one.

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