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Meme Of The Week: A British Politician Slouching In Parliament Is The Internet’s Favorite Person

The political unrest from Brexit has resulted in some really funny memes, like the one highlighted in this week’s column.

You don’t have to know a thing about Brexit to understand that the whole thing is a big mess. Politicians are fighting, screaming at each other in parliament, and going back and forth on possible solutions. The people are upset and stressed out and some have decided that the best way to behave is to ignore everything, like the guy from this video, who’s earned this week’s coveted spot as the best meme.

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Green Party MP Caroline Lucas criticizes Jacob Rees Mogg for slouching and taking up three spaces as if what she was saying was something “very boring for him to listen to.” Other politicians shout “sit up!” and “sit up, man!” because they’re British and stressed out.

Better than the video was this tweet, which gave the internet all the ammo it needed to produce and endless stream of memes.

You’ll be surprised by the amount of stuff that got meme’d into this image, including a very large foot, Nosferatu, Rose from “Titanic”, Winnie the Pooh and Homer Simpson. Check out some of our favorite replies:

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