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Meme Of The Week: A Pug MRI Is The Creepiest And Funniest Thing Online

Illustration by Jennifer Ilett

An X-Ray of a pug became this week’s most viral image. Check out some of the internet’s reactions below.

Have you ever imagined what an X-Ray of a pug looks like? Like something strange and otherworldly, surely. But I’m sure that whatever you pictured won’t compare to the reality, which was uploaded to Twitter and quickly became a viral sensation, gathering over 120,000 likes in a single day.

Posted by comedian Andy Richter, the photo quickly reached thousands of people, all with millions of things to say. Luckily, Richter confirmed that the pug in the X-Ray is healthy, even if the image looks like the close-up of a bug or like the skeleton of an owl.  Maybe a scarier deconstructed version of Darth Vader. Big eyes are spooky is all I’m trying to say.

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Here are some of the shocked replies people posted:

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