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2017 Is The Year Body Positivity Takes Instagram By Storm

The start of a new year can be difficult: A constant barrage of images and messages telling you that the only way 2017 will be YOUR year is if you start changing the body you have, by any means possible. If you ask us, fitness goals should be simple, affordably accessible to all, and never involve weird soups or worms.

Even with all the appearance-centric resolution making going around, you may have noticed more proud belly rolls than thigh gaps in your social media feeds lately. That’s because the #bodypositivity trend is here, and it’s all about embracing your natural, healthy, happy self. If 2016 was the year of “thinspiration,” 2017 could be the year of “bodyposi.”

This movement of confidence and self-love isn’t by any means new this year, but there’s more and more of it lately. People have searched for body positivity occasionally for some time, but the term spiked in the last year, and hit a high in the spring. Since then, it’s continued its uptick.

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On Instagram especially, more people are joining the movement. Many of the women posting confident photos of their bodies have overcome eating disorders, or have gained or lost weight to achieve a healthier balance. Far from perfectly-lit gym selfies at contorted angles, they’re no-filter, no-light tricks iPhone photography of how real women’s bodies look, and inspiration to get your through the day with confidence.

Take a peek at these accounts to get your fix of positivity.

The Own Your Body account mainly posts empowering quotes from around the internet. They’re a good starting point, if you’re trying to get more #selflove in your life.

“I will never stop encouraging men and women to love their bodies regardless of their size and health,” writes Sarahh Gabrielle. “I am proud of how far I have come and the body I am in.”

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#tb to my 64 year old father who has been fad dieting all year in order to lose 3kg. You're doing all the things I used to when I was in the midst of my eating disorder and it's kinda scary to witness. I guess you're never too old to develop an eating disorder 😩 but if it's just about losing those 3kgs and nothing deeper than that then please know that your grumpiness and forgetfulness because you're hungry is really fucking annoying! Hell even if it is ED related, hangry people are annoying. 🍑💩🍓🥝🍆🥔🥐🥓🍕🍌🍏🌽shop my art🌈 20%OFF STOREWIDE applies to all orders over $50💖 link to my store is in my bio ⬆️ #art #awareness #bopo #bodypositive #bodypositivity #copic #draw #design #effyourbeautystandards #feminism #feministart #illustration #fashion #graphicdesign #instaart #illustration #joannathangiah #mentalhealth #photoshop #sketch #feminist

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Illustrator Joanna Thangiah’s colorful, surrealist drawings encourage followers to be whatever they can imagine.

Megan Jayne Crabbe documents her everyday life and journey in beating an eating disorder through photos, quotes, and dance videos that are contagiously fun.

Following #DontHateTheShake videos will send you down a self-love rabbit hole of dance videos, like this one from Anna Maria.

A trans woman in LA, Gia Natalia Narvaez posts her style as well as hysterical, often body-positive memes.

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Thank you @sydney_wegan 💗/🇧🇷"Eu tenho lutado com problemas com o meu corpo desde sempre. Eu fui criada para acreditar que eu precisava mudar o meu corpo para que outros se sentissem mais confortáveis. Eu sempre me comparava com as minhas amigas e rezava pra que um dia eu pudesse ser tão magra e bonita como elas. Minha preocupação com o meu corpo me levou à uma profunda depressão. No segundo ano do ensino médio, eu cheguei no fundo do poço. Tentei me matar porque eu realmente acreditava que o mundo seria um lugar melhor sem mim. Eu atravessei um período onde eu vomitava após cada refeição porque eu me sentia asquerosa. Eu entendi que auto-confiança não acontece da noite pro dia, mas agora, eu me amo por mim. Não importa o quanto eu pese ou o quanto minhas pernas balançem. Eu amo quem eu sou e isso nunca vai mudar! " #art #selfesteem #illustration #illustrator #ilustra #ilustração #ilustradora #selflove #autoestima #bodypositive #loveyourselffirst

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Marcela Sabiá, a Brazilian illustrator, creates artwork out of quotes from real people and inspirational messages.

Wait, you want more strong women dancing? Check out Akira Armstrong’s story in dancing with Beyonce and founding a troupe for plus-size dancers. Get it!


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