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3 Ways To Stay Healthy Once The Munchies Hit

here are 3 methods that can help you stay healthy once the munchies hit
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The munchies affect us all in different ways, which is why we’ve compiled a list of highly adaptable precautions.

The munchies are one of the most consistent side effects of consuming marijuana. While this side-effect does a good job of magnifying the most delicious tastes in food, it also taps into our lizard brain, bringing out the animal in us when we so much as hear the crinkling of a Doritos’ bag.

This is fine for occasional marijuana smokers, but problematic for regular consumers who need to find a way of controlling the munchies before they take a toll on their waistline.

There are all sorts of imbibers out there, all with different strengths and weaknesses, which is why we’ve compiled this list with individual methods that people can commit to. Here’s what you should do in order to stay in shape and still find joy in your munchies:

For those who like to workout

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If you’re someone who’s active and and smokes occasionally, this method shouldn’t be much of a stretch. Plan your smoking session in advance and start your day off with a good workout, preferably one that gets your heart pumping, activating your body and allowing you to burn calories as you go about your day. Once breakfast and lunch hits, focus on eating healthy, consuming filling foods with low calories, like veggies and grains. This method gives you a pass for the day and allows you to enjoy your munchies to the fullest.

If you’re organized

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The most mature thing you can do before you smoke is to clean out your home, throwing away cookies and ensuring that there’s nothing dangerous in your kitchen. Stock up on healthy snacks like fruits and granola bars. Make sure you have stuff that can be eaten easily, skipping the cooking process, preventing you from ordering delivery and destroying your hard work. Sure, this method robs some of the fun out of the smoking process but it’s the most reliable thing that regular cannabis consumers can do, changing their habits from the ground up.

For those with a strong mind

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Before opening the door to the munchie monster, try having a satisfying meal. Then get ready to distract yourself as much as possible, perhaps engaging in an activity that inspires brain power, like watching an engrossing TV show, writing or painting. Careful, though. Even if you’re distracted, this method has no way of ensuring that you won’t forget your promise and end up eating whatever is in sight.

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