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4 Tips To Help You Fight Election Season Burnout

5 Tips To Help You Fight Election Season Burnout
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Raise your hand if you’re feeling election fatigue? Here are some tips that can help you stay sane.

We’re less than a month away from the presidential election, meaning our stress and election season burnout levels are reaching their peak. This year has been a tough go for those who like to stay involved in politics; it’s been filled with controversies and negative news, and we’re not out of the woods yet. You might find yourself feeling guilty over dreading the news and being unable to stop your consumption of it, since you’re trying your best to be a responsible citizen.

While we’re almost out of the woods, at least when it comes to elections, there are a few things you can do to tend to your election burnout without completely disconnecting from the news. Here are 4 effective tips:

Turn off social media notifications

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Social media notifications make it very difficult for you to avoid these types of apps, prompting you to return to them even if you’ve spent hours scrolling through them already. Mute these apps and give yourself set times of the day to check them, whether that’s three times a day or only once. If something big happens you’ll still find out about it, whether you check Twitter 20 times a day or just twice.

Get involved locally

If there’s one thing that politics can make us feel is helpless, which is why getting involved might make you feel less uncertain and better about yourself and the causes you care about. Do some research and try to get involved with something you care about in your community, whether that’s an environmental group, an animal shelter or an LGBTQ organization. You can sign up for donations or do some volunteer work, whatever works best for you.

When it comes to voting, it’s also important to come up with a voting plan, whether you’re voting early or through the mail. If it’s your first time, make sure you’re registered to vote.

Work out

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Although trite, exercise is effective in managing stress, anxiety and in making you feel better. Working out will help you clear your head, boost your self esteem and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Spend sometime on a hobby or series

There’s no need to consume so much news or to spend all of your free time scrolling through social media apps. Try to do something that allows you to disconnect from the real world for a little while, whether that’s binging on the latest Netflix series or trying out a new hobby that allows you to practice a new skill and find some enjoyment in something tangible.

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