5 Beauty Hacks You Should Avoid

Don't believe everything you read online.

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The internet is the best place to find all sorts of information. With a couple of taps of your keyboard you’re able to find information about all sorts of topics, no matter how niche they are. The downside of this is that sometimes there’s information that looks truthful but isn’t.

Makeup and facial care lists and videos are extremely popular and useful on the web, but it’s always important to do research before you put anything on your body that could harm you. Especially your face, since it’s very sensitive and you don’t want to ruin it.

Cosmopolitan compiled a list of the most famous Internet beauty hacks that you should always avoid. Check out 5 of the worst of them:

Coconut Oil As Facial Moisturizer

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While coconut oil is amazing and sounds like it could never do any harm, it’s not the best option when it comes to your face. Coconut oil is thick and greasy, and it’ll leave your pores clogged unless you have the face of a mummy. That means very dry.

Lemon juice to eliminate dead cells

Lemon and lime are delicious yet really powerful ingredients that can cause a lot of damage when mishandled. This liquid has a strong reaction with sunlight that could cause serious burns, blisters and a myriad of nightmares for your skin. Keep it far away from you whenever there’s sun.

Exfoliating With Sugar, Salt And Baking Soda

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While it’s fine to use these components to exfoliate your body, you should be much more careful with your face. These granules are uneven and can have rough edges which can cut and harm your sensitive skin.

Using Raw Egg Whites To Tighten Face

While eggs are probably the most overused DIY beauty item, Cosmopolitan claims that they’re also an easy way to get Salmonella. Enough said.

Tanning With Rubbing Alcohol

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This is one of the most dangerous items of this list, leaving your skin dry, tight and irritated. It’ll hurt, and no matter how much you want to tan, it’s just not worth it. Buy a toner or something.

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