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5 Holiday Gifts From Companies That Donate Proceeds To Charity

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There are people out there who are great at gift giving. And there are others who are not. These people always seem to find themselves struggling during this time of year, when you’re expected to give presents to close family members, distant cousins, friends, co-workers, boyfriends and girlfriends.

While there are dozens of gift options available, there are some companies that are charitable with their profits, donating them to good causes and helping out people in need.

Mashable compiled a list of these companies. Check out 5 of our favorites.

Gifts for Good office prints

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Gifts for Good designs all sorts of art and items while helping out over 40 different nonprofit organizations located throughout the world. Their prints are beautiful and can serve as a good present for someone’s office or home.

Bixbee backpacks

These backpacks are super cute, especially designed for kids (or cool adults) with all sorts of patterns. For every bag you purchase, Bixbee will donate a backpack for a kid in need somewhere around the world.

Mitscoots Outfitters

The store sells a variety of items including socks, beanies, shirts, and more, giving out an equal to a person in need located all over the country. Mitscoot also gives jobs to people in need who are in charge of packaging stuff and making sure that your donation reaches a trusted charity.

Adventurist Backpack

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Adventurist Backpacks designs minimalist, durable and good looking backpacks with the purpose of helping out hungry families.For every backpack sold the company provides 25 meals for different people across the US.

The Buddy Project

The Buddy Project is an organization that helps out teens and children in need, providing them with a buddy that has similar interests and age and that’s trained in preventing suicides and bringing awareness to mental health. The nonprofit sells shirts, sweatshirts, phone covers, and more.

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