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5 Things To Make Your Time At The Office More Bearable This Summer

Summer is great for many reasons. It creates the opportunity for long walks, trips to the beach, bathing suits, pool parties and more. But one of the downsides of the season is the fact that the office remains an office, and no matter the weather, work doesn’t stop. Summer makes it a little harder to slave away considering all the fun things that are outdoors, just a few steps away.

Here are 5  things you can do to make your work hours more bearable.

Make a summer playlist

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Some days you have to stay in your office even if you’re done with work. Transform these highly annoying moments into an awesome summer playlist. While making playlists sounds a little lame and OCD, this is a quietly entertaining hobby that distracts you and consumes a lot of time. Your masterpiece playlist can be listened to at home, with some friends or as a welcome distraction from smelly summery commutes.

Set some fitness goals

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Summer is the best opportunity to push yourself to work out harder. Take advantage of the weather and the heat and try working out at least once a week outdoors, making you sweat a lot and burn more calories. Use the fact that days appear to be longer to your advantage, pushing yourself to wake up earlier and visit the gym.

Switch up your lunches

The new season means that there’s plenty of new ingredients you can use to make delicious foods. If you’re not the best cook, take this chance to save some money by preparing your own meals and learning a thing or two about cooking. Home cooked lunches are healthier and usually better than whatever fast thing you buy on your lunch break.

Go outside for breaks

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A large amount of employees prefer to skip over lunch breaks in order to get their work done faster and hopefully go home earlier. While this works in the short term, studies show that people who take regular lunch breaks are more productive in the long run, giving their brains a rest and preventing burn out. If you don’t want to spend money on outside food, use your lunch break for a walk or have your home cooked meal while sitting in a nearby park.

Ice cream!

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Another great thing about summer is the fact that you can comfortably eat ice cream without freezing your face off. Any frozen treat is a go since these make great bonding activities between co-workers and, unlike alcohol, don’t result in anything embarrassing.


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