5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through The Week

Screenshot via kembino/Instagram

There’s no better pick-me-up than the one you get when you see a clip of an animal acting silly, which is why we’ve compiled this weekly column. These short videos feature all sorts of animals, providing you with that much needed rush of endorphins.

This week’s column features a batch of very talented dogs, a stretchy cat, some cuddling bunnies and… something, I don’t know what, that’s very cute and sleepy. Certified happiness. Check them out:

This water boy

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Baseball is a long, sometimes tedious game. I can only imagine the relief viewers felt when a golden retriever strutted out across the field, holding a basket filled with water bottles and started stopping by players, waiting for them to have a drink.

This talented skater

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The ease with which this dog is able to ride a skateboard and stay atop of it despite the stairs is impressive. Especially if you’ve tried and failed to ride a skateboard.

Yoga cat

Cats are stretchy and adorable creatures but this guy is particularly elastic, remaining upside down for a weirdly long period of time. There’s also a heart shaped spot on his butt, which must be acknowledged.

Bunny sniffs

RELATED: 5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through The Week

Bunny content on Instagram is perilously low, maybe because they’re not the most common of pets. Still, you can’t consider them exotic. The bunnies from this video get regular updates via @Kembino and are from Chicago. These posts tend to show them cuddling, sniffing each other, and not much else. It’s very therapeutic.

Monday mornings

According to my Instagram research this guy is called Pumoto and it is a prairie dog, which is a species I discovered while writing this column. He or she is from Bangkok and has over 10k followers. You can follow it on Instagram (@posetyu) for more updates and videos of head rubs and sleepiness.