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5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through The Week

There’s no better pick-me-up than the one you get when you see a clip of an animal acting silly, which is why we’ve compiled this weekly column. These short videos feature all sorts of animals, providing you with a much needed mid-week rush of endorphins.

This week’s column features a couple of very exotic pets, a really tiny one, a needy group of cats, and an inspiring golden retriever who lost a lot of weight. His chubby version, although very bad for his health, was incredibly blocky and adorable. We’re glad he’s better now though. Check out the videos below:

A laughing fox

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Foxes look sneaky and evil with @plusha_fox as a prime example. With a few thousand followers on social media, this fox’s profile shows her doing all sorts of stuff. Follow her to hear her evil laugh and see her nibbling on items of all shapes and sizes.

A hamster waking up from his nap

Hamsters are vastly underrated creatures, having a small presence on Instagram animals. Here’s a video that might encourage you to love them a little more. Who can resist that adorably sleepy yawn?

A fan of Linkin Park

Chester is a serval, which is a large type of wild cat from Africa. The content on the Instagram account is in Russian, so I don’t understand much of what’s said but I can still admire a big cat, especially when he’s entranced by Linkin Park music videos.

Cuddly alarm clocks

RELATED: 5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through The Week

One of the annoyances of owning a pet is having them wake you up at ungodly hours, just because they want to. These cats are torn, at first trying not to disturb their human but then realizing that they’re bored and have had enough sleep. Waking up early in the morning always suck but a furry cat paw makes it a little better.

A golden retriever who lost 100 pounds

This video has all the components to bring you to tears: a cute fat dog and tons of emotion. Kai’s story is sweet and inspiring, showing us that hard work and commitment can save an animal’s life.


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