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5 Ways To Keep Your Brain Smarter And Younger

Keeping your brain in top form is very important as you get older. Stimulating your brain throughout the course of your life will help you preserve your memory, reasoning, and more, allowing you to age as smoothly as possible.

The older we get the more our body turns against us, attacking our healthy brain cells and helping the development of cognitive conditions and diseases. This is a process that can’t be stopped, but one that can be managed if you take care of your body and your mental health. Check out 5 ways of improving your brain function.

Physical exercise

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According to The Guardian, 20 minutes of brisk walking will radically influence your brain health, decreasing the chance of developing dementia and other cognitive conditions. Workouts boost your endorphins and produce proteins that help your brain develop branches and communicate more effectively.

Mental activity

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You can stimulate your brain by doing all sorts of things, including socializing, playing games, and traveling. You’re using your brain every time you do something, but you can actively stimulate it by using memory methods that force you to focus and use mental images to associate things.

You can also use the help of your smartphone, downloading brain games that promote multi-tasking and problem solving.

Stress management

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Meditation, yoga, tai chi, and other stress relieving activities such as socializing and sleep, can really help your brain stay calm and focused, preserving its youth. Stress does a lot of damage to your brain health, including shrinking your memory centers.

Healthy eating

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The Guardian reports that obesity increases the odds of dementia and is related with memory problems, but healthy eating can counteract this. Healthy plant-based foods such as nuts, vegetables, legumes and fruits help your brain cells regenerate and preserve themselves.

Don’t abuse alcohol or tobacco

Alcohol in moderation has been associated with a healthier brain, but when abused it’s correlated to dementia and other brain impairments. According to Harvard Health, tobacco should be avoided at all costs, because it has a strong correlation with mental issues.


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