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6 Wellness Products To Get You Ready For Fall

The change in season can affect us in multiple ways.

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As fall draws near and the leaves dry up and the air gets crisper, it’s time to make sure that our lips, complexions and attitudes don’t also dry up, and that our health is at its best. An upbeat outlook and the following six products should have you well on your way to autumnal happiness.

Plump and Hydrate Your Kisser

Vertly hemp infused lip butter is at the top of the list. Not only is it made with full spectrum CBD and Northern California sourced herbs, it has gotten rave reviews from the likes of Vogue. The savvy company also carries body lotion, available in an extra strength option. Keep your lips soft and buttery this fall with the power of CBD.

Keep Seasonal Ailments at Bay

Echinacea supplements should also be high on your list of fall must haves. Though the science behind it is not yet proven, anecdotal evidence suggests that echinacea’s active components promote immune system wellness and also work as an antimicrobial. With the weather changes sure to happen, this boost could be the difference between a seasonal cold and wellness.

Smooth Out Rough, Patchy Skin

We covered lip butter, but how about body butter? Hemplucid has got you covered with a mega CBD infused body budder that will keep rough elbows hydrated and other tough spots like heels, knees and any other problem skin areas smooth, with no oily residue.

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Elevate Your Mood, Elevate Seasonal Depression

Need a boost in mood? Vape pens to the rescue. Even if you’re not living in a legalized or medicalized state and don’t have access to THC cartridges, there’s a mighty good chance that your local head shop carries CBD carts that are said to still reduce anxiety and even out messy moods. Seasonal depression is real and keeping it at bay may take a toke here and there. Do the right thing for everyone and have a puff.

Keep That Summer Glow

Honest Beauty Organic Beauty Facial Oil is a dry face miracle serum that’s incredibly light for an oil treatment. Patchy, dull skin will be brightened up and your face and day will be well improved with botanical oils that nourish skin and help restore moisture.

Give Your Body Boosts of Wellness

Emergen-C has established itself as the ticket to staving off colds and flus with its megadose of vitamin C. They’ve had 40 years to get the formula right and have enriched the powder with a host of B vitamins as well. It’s a safe bet that having a daily dose of this power powder during the changing of the seasons will do a body good.

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