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7 Hacks For Frozen Tater Tots That Will Change Your Life

Tater Tots
Photo by Flickr user BluEyedA73

They’re not potatoes and many believe they’re better than fries. They are, of course, tater tots, a delightful starch hybrid combining the best of both worlds: sturdy like a tuber and just as dippable as a frite. Not surprisingly, the ingenuity of this perfect food makes it an attractive base for other dishes. Here are 7 meals to make using frozen tots. Rip open a bag and get to it. The sauces are up to you.

1. Waffles

Your next life changing meal is just a waffle iron away. Throw some taters into the iron and press down. But make sure to grease the waffle iron first or you could end up with a crunchy disaster.

2. Totchos

Load up your tots just like you would tortilla chips. Limp chips aren’t part of this equation.

3. Breakfast Burrito

Need a quick to-go breakfast? Throw some eggs, cheese, tots, and whatever else you like into a tortilla and you’re off.

Photo by Flickr user stu_spivack

4. Chicken Pot Pie

Cover this classic casserole with tater tots and bake until golden brown. Dip in ketchup!

5. Breakfast Poutine

It’s a thing. Eggs, bacon…anything you want…laid on a bed of tater tots and covered in gravy (optional) and imminent runny egg yolk.

6. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

You master that tater tot waffle yet? Once you do, this is the logical next step. Here’s a loaded grilled cheese that, when done correctly, only takes about 5 minutes.

7. Pizza/Casserole

Here’s a casserole with a tater tot crust, which you can top with pretty much anything you’d like, making this almost more of a pizza than a casserole. Either way, you win.

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