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9 Tips And Tricks For Using Marshmallows That Don’t Involve A Campfire

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The easy thing to do with marshmallows is to squish melty ones between graham crackers and chocolate. But there are so many other things you can do with these fluffy wonders of nature (they grow on trees, right?) that don’t involve a burn unit. Here are 9 ways to introduce marshmallows into your diet without an open flame.

1. As A Pain Reliever

We’re not saying you should try and get a sore throat as an excuse to eat some ‘mellows, but the gelatin they contain has been proven to ease pain. Something to look forward to next time you’re curled up on the couch in pain. Or not.

2. DIY Marshmallow Pops

Cake pops are way too labor intensive. Simply skewer a marshmallow with a colorful straw, dunk in chocolate or frosting, roll in some sprinkles and enjoy. Or wrap up and use as party favors.

3. Give Yourself A Pedicure

Stick marshmallows between your toes before you polish. #savethecottonballs

4. Add Them To Brownies 

As soon as the brownies come out of the oven, sprinkle the pan with mini marshmallows to speed up the melting process. Top with chocolate for extra decadence.

5. Make Frosting

The words “marshmallow frosting” will ignite a case of the drools in anyone. And the recipe is a super simple one if you own a mixer.

6. Add Them To Your Cappuccinos

Have you ever had a malloccino? It’s like a cappuccino, but with marshmallows added to the hot foam. It’s heavenly.

7. Make Marshmallow “Poutine”

Before you throw up in your mouth, just picture a sweet potato pie —  same thing! Okay, not really. But it’s close. Throw some marshmallows on top of your sweet potato fries and nuke (or broil) for a Thanksgiving treat. Similarly, make some loaded sweet potato skins using  mini mallows if the idea of marshmallow “gravy” is too much.

8. Make Affogato

Instead of vanilla gelato, pour a shot or two of espresso over some marshmallows (homemade are best).

9. Make Dessert Nachos

It’s exactly what you imagine: cinnamon chips topped with melted chocolate, marshmallows, and anything else you like, really. Add some peanut butter and/or whipped cream dipping sauces…

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