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A Women’s Guide to Tasteful Marijuana Use: Tincture, Vape, And Edibles

Some women would prefer a more discreet method for using marijuana. If we’re perfectly honest, the smell of smoking cannabis can feel like a little much for certain circumstances. Although there are many options out there, a trip to a dispensary can be downright overwhelming if you’re not certain what you’re looking to buy.

Looking for a more tasteful way to consume cannabis? Here’s what you need to know before making your next purchase. 


In general, vaping is considered to be one of the healthiest ways to consume weed. A 2007 study published in the Harm Reduction Journal found that vaporizers are associated with lower risks for respiratory damage than smoking.  

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This isn’t the only reason vaping has become a popular means of consuming marijuana, it is also considered to be a much more subtle delivery method. For starters, vaping doesn’t smell as strongly as smoking if you stick with devices that vaporize concentrates. Additionally, because so many individuals are using e-cigarettes over conventional cigarettes, marijuana users can smoke without unwanted attention, if that is what they desire. 


A smokeless marijuana consumption option, tinctures are cannabis extracts that are usually made from alcohol. Some users turn to tinctures because they’re looking for a high or the medicinal properties of cannabis but are concerned about the health risks associated with smoking weed. 

For women who prefer an inconspicuous way to use marijuana, tinctures are a fantastic option. Generally, dosing is simple—start with a small dose like a drop or two. Place drops under your tongue and give your body time to absorb before increasing the dosage to make sure you don’t overdo it.    

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Edibles just might be the most subtle means of consuming marijuana, but first-timers should proceed with caution. Cannabis-infused foods are a simple delivery method, but they’re also easy to overconsume. This is because your body has to fully digest the food you consume before you’ll fully experience the effects of the weed it contains. Generally, users will experience a high within half an hour of eating an edible but might not experience the full effect until two hours have passed, according to TripSafe. 

Ultimately, tasteful marijuana use is largely about what makes you feel most comfortable while still allowing you to achieve your desired effects. Whether you’re using recreationally or for the medicinal benefits, experimentation with tinctures, vapes and edibles is a great way to become more familiar with alternative marijuana consumption methods. 


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