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CBD Can Help Manage Alcohol Intake And Reduce Its Dangerous Side Effects

According to new scientific evidence, cannabidiol (CBD) might help people reduce the amount of alcohol they drink while providing some protection to their liver and brain, thus, preventing some of alcohol’s most dangerous side effects.

The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology, reviews data gathered from different studies conducted over the year, that focused on analyzing the effects that CBD had on mice who consumed ethanol. Results found that CBD could decrease the amount of ethanol mice consumed while also making them less likely to relapse after they’d been weaned off alcohol. The mice who consumed alcohol and CBD also demonstrated less damage on their livers and brains than the mice who were consuming only alcohol.

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Researchers believe these benefits are due to the way in which CBD reacts with CB2 receptors, located through out the bodies of different organisms.

“By reducing alcohol-related processes of steatosis in the liver, and brain alcohol-related damage, CBD could improve both the hepatic and neurocognitive outcomes of subjects with AUD, regardless of the individual drinking trajectories. This might pave the way for testing new harm reduction approaches in AUD, i.e., for protecting the organs of subjects with an ongoing AUD,” say the authors of the study.

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While researchers need human trials in order to draw conclusive evidence, these results show promising medicinal uses for CBD, especially since it could treat a condition that is complex and harmful to large percentages of people.


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