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Chinese Fishermen Catch A Fish That Looks Like A Bird

Fishermen from the providence of Guizhou in southern China were surprised to discover a strange looking catch that looks like a mash-up between a fish and a bird. Or a fish with a dolphin’s head.

The footage of the strange fish went viral, with many people questioning its origins. While it looks strange, it could totally be a type of fish that was never discovered before, right? Not really. According to China’s Guizhou Urban Newspaper, which was the first to break the news, the fish is a common freshwater carp that probably suffered a mutation.

Science Daily discussed the topic with some experts who claim that the look of the fish is probably due to a developmental problem early in its life. Sadly, fish-birds do not exist.

“Any talk of a fish-bird is way off the mark,” says Andrew Cossins, animal physiologist at the University of Liverpool, explaining that the fish’s strange face is likely due to defective cell growth. “A swelling caused by a deformity in the skeletal system of the head region likely forced the downward tilt of the mouth.”

As for the cause of the deformity, experts agree that it’s really hard to pinpoint. It could be due to environment pollution, a series of genetic mutations, or a rapidly growing tumor. While no one can know why this fish looks the way it looks, Cossins believes that it lead a normal and healthy life due to the look of the rest of its body. If the strange growth had affected the fish’s central nervous system then he’d have trouble feeding or breathing.

The fishermen reported that, after recording and looking at this weird fish, they decided to return it to the water. So it’s a very lucky fish.


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