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Google Chrome Extension Helps You Procrastinate By Making Netflix Resemble A Conference Call

Photo by Csaba Balazs via Unsplash

Netflix Hangouts is a cool and potentially dangerous idea for those of us who tend to procrastinate. The Google Chrome extension makes your computer look like you’re on a conference call. That is until someone takes a closer look and notices that some of the faces that appear on the screen are actually characters from Stranger Things.

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The bizarre extension claims to distract you with Netflix while you’re supposed to be at work, splitting your screen in four and filling three of these spaces with stock video footage of strangers. The fourth space will stream whatever content you’re interested in watching on Netflix. The result is, crazily enough, quite convincing.

Photo by freestocks.org

While this seems like a hard trick to pull off at work or while doing anything where you need to pay a minimum amount of attention, it’s still a cool trick. Maybe you could use it in coffee shops or libraries, where you want to appear busy and smart instead of being who you are, which is a person who re-watches Friends at Starbucks.

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Netflix Hangouts is worth a look just out of curiosity’s sake. Just try to avoid getting fired or something. Sooner or later, someone’s gonna start wondering why one of your video calls looks so much livelier and cooler when compared to the blank faces that stare at you from pixelated laptop cameras.

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