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Editor’s Choice: What Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Understand About Marijuana, Nights Owls Vs. Early Birds And More

Jeff Session
Photo by tvirbickis/Getty Images

What Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Understand About Medical Marijuana

Night Owls Or Early Birds
Photo by Camila Damásio via Unsplash

Night Owls Or Early Birds: Who Makes More Money?

'Fox & Friends'
Photo screenshot via Twitter Video

Fox & Friends: ‘It’s Time To Legalize Marijuana And Move On’

Prince Harry
Photo by Alexi Lubomirski/Handout/Getty Images

The UK Is Going To Make A Ton Of Money Off Harry And Meghan’s Wedding

New York
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX via Unsplash

Is New York Gearing Up To Be The Next State To Legalize Marijuana?

Sexual Desire
Photo by PeopleImages/Getty Images

Booze, Molly or Weed: Which Heightens Sexual Desire The Most?

Jeff Sessions Make Matters Worse For Veterans
Photo by Tetra Images/Getty Images

Will Jeff Sessions’ Marijuana Move Make Matters Worse For Veterans?

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