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Home Culture Editor's Choice: Weekly Editorial Roundup - 4/19/2017

Editor’s Choice: Weekly Editorial Roundup – 4/19/2017

As cannabis enters the mainstream, more celebrities are looking to take part in the budding industry. Willie Nelson’s wife is about to add a line of artisanal, marijuana-infused chocolates to his Willie’s Reserve brand and Marley Natural, the official Bob Marley cannabis company, is showing us that celebrity strains are poised to be the next big trend in the industry. Also in this edition of Editor’s Choice: whiskey and wine hacks, bizarre sex stories from mythology, a research-driven dive into little-known medical marijuana health effects, and more.

Photo by Flickr user VHIR

Research Deep Dive: Little-Known Health Effects Of Medical Marijuana

As marijuana use becomes ever more socially and legally acceptable in the developed world, researchers are scrambling to understand how the plant — more potent today than ever before — impacts our health.

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wine hacks
Photo by nic via Unsplash

How To Open A Bottle Without An Opener And 3 Other Must-Know Wine Hacks

If you drink wine with some regularity, you’ve no doubt come across a situation where you screw something up. Years of experience as a sommelier has taught our contributor Zach Geballe how to handle most of those situations, so before you panic, take a look.

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Willie Nelson
Photo by Rick Diamond/Staff/Getty Images

Willie Nelson’s Wife Announces Marijuana-Infused Artisanal Chocolate Edible Line

As marijuana legalization continues throughout the country, it’s little surprise that so-called stoner celebrities are taking advantage of the opportunity to develop their own cannabis brands. Lesser-associated names like Roseanne Barr and Melissa Etheridge are included in that list and so are the well-known commodities like Willie Nelson.

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sex stories
Photo by apsolut via Pixabay

5 Bizarre And Depraved Sex Stories From Mythology

Mythology is responsible for a lot of cool things. These tales paint beautiful scenes about war and a world that’s lost, and also have some really freaky sex stories. Myths have some moments that maybe, 2000 years ago, weren’t such a big deal. Now that we’ve lived a little longer and evolved, a few warning bells ring when we read the story where Zeus turns himself into a bull and proceeds to rape Europa. Not cool, Zeus.

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tax season
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Going For Broke: The 6 Best Whiskeys For Tax Season

Tax season can provoke varied emotions. For some, it’s a time of jubilance—a thrilling windfall, for spending with enthusiasm: whiskey, plane tickets, fancy dinners, more whiskey. For others, the prospect of checks to be written casts a pall across the bright cheeriness of springtime, a tightening of the belt, a kind of inescapable gloom emanating from somewhere near the zone of your wallet.

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Celebrity Marijuana Strains
Photo by Flickr user monosnaps

Marley Natural Showcases Celebrity Marijuana Strains As The Newest Cannabis Trend

It’s not a new trend that stars are getting into the cannabis with game with celebrity marijuana strains. Not only is it a fruitful investment, celebrities are tacitly raising cannabis awareness and ushering it further into the mainstream by embracing the green.

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cherry blossom
Photo by pan zhen via Unsplash

13 Cherry Blossom Desserts That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

When the cherry blossom (also known as sakura) is your country’s unofficial national flower, you celebrate it when its in full bloom, which is right about…now. And because Japan is the master of novelty foods, they celebrate with gorgeous desserts. Even Haagen-Dazs makes a sakura flavored ice cream, so you know it’s a legit thing.

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