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What To Do When An Ex ‘Haunts’ You On Social Media

What To Do When An Ex 'Haunts' You On Social Media
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As if dating wasn’t already a nightmare. Now, we have to worry about haunting. Ever heard of it? It’s the term coined for when your ex likes and comments on your social media feeds. The two of you may have parted ways, but whether you like it or not, your former SO can’t seem to move on. You’re THAT amazing.

Unlike ghosting, where people just disappear from your life with no explanation, this new type of paranormal activity occurs when you get too much attention from someone you’d rather forget. Keeping close tabs on an ex can either be an ego boost for those who like attention, or creepy af.


According to dating website eHarmony, engaging with the ghost gives them exactly what they want. “You’re inadvertently acknowledging that their actions have affected you enough that you felt compelled to reach out.”

But in the long run, keeping someone in your life – even if it’s just digitally – will stop you moving forward and finding new, real-life connections.

The best thing to do in this situation, according to eHarmony, is to unfollow and block the person haunting you. “It might seem harsh – especially if it’s an ex that you’re struggling to let go – but it’s the only way to really move on.”

Plus, you’ll be doing your ex a favor. It’ll keep them from obsessing over your every Instagram like, post, and, as anyone who’s stalked someone on Instagram knows, who else’s photos you’ve liked.

Life hack: if you ever want someone who’s already following you to no longer follow you (without blocking them), all you have to do is block and unblock them. Voila.

Obviously, you can also unfriend your ex on Facebook or make it so they only have access to your public posts, which you can do under Settings.

Isn’t social media great?

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