Monday, April 6, 2020
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Facebook Is Developing Avatars Just like Snapchat

Duplicating features is a move that Facebook should trademark. The company has managed to add features made popular by Snapchat, Vine and others onto their app, allowing users to use filters and stories. Avatars like the ones used on Snapchat will soon be added onto their code, or at least, that’s what experts believe.

According to TechCrunch, there are bits of code on Facebook’s Android app that allow users to build personalized and illustrated versions of themselves to use as stickers on comments and in Messenger. The feature will allow users to modify their avatar according to their looks, including hairstyle, skin tone, gender, and more. This unreleased software is called Facebook Avatar and it’s basically Bitmoji with a more derivative name.

Bitmojis and avatars have allowed people to communicate more fluently. They allow users the chance to give a personal touch to their digital conversations.

Via TechCrunch:

Your Facebook Avatar is a whole new way to express yourself on Facebook. Leave expressive comments with personalized stickers. Use your new avatar stickers in your Messenger group and private chats.

It’s unknown if users will create their avatars through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), which would create an avatar from your photo or if you’d have to design it from scratch.

The use of AI would be a cool way of introducing something different to the public and it also seems pretty possible considering Facebook’s investment in augmented reality (AR). It’s a shame that the company is going through such a public scandal right now, but who knows. In a couple of months, people might not even remember what the deal was with Facebook’s breach of privacy and Cambridge Analytica.

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