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Here Are 4 Tips On Sharing A Bed Without Losing Your Quality Of Sleep

Sharing your bed with someone is nice, providing intimacy and safety. Although many studies claim that sleeping alone is best for your overall health and rest, most American adults choose to sacrifice their quality of sleep over the positive psychological effects of sharing your bed.

You shouldn’t be forced to choose one or the other. There are ways of reaping the benefits of sleeping next to someone and having the rest your body needs. Here are four tips that can help you and your partner develop more functioning sleep habits:

Account for body temperature

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Different people prefer different levels of warmth and comfort. If your partner prefers a warmer bed, buy individual blankets or try using twin sized comforters. This solves blanket stealing, a very real and annoying problem, and it also allows each person to choose a comforter that’s better that’s heavier, warmer and better suited for their needs.

Size and consistency of your mattress

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If you’re a fussy sleeper, you need to have a mattress that adapts to your body, that has enough space for you to move around and that’s of your preferred consistency. Luckily, there’s tons of options. Foam and hybrid-foam mattresses provide motion isolation, so you won’t feel your partner’s movements or they don’t feel yours.

Create a bedtime routine

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One of the perks of sleeping with someone is the fact that they can act as living reminders of your bedtime. Having a small chat before sleeping and conducting your general bedtime routine can make your body feel like it’s ready for bed, encouraging you to sleep instead of wasting your time doing something else.

Adapt to the problem

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If your bedtime is filled with problems, try to solve them in any way you can. Meet up with a specialist, use earplugs and look for possible solutions. “Prioritize sleep as a couple. Think of it as an investment in your relationship, because you really are a better partner as well as more productive and healthier and happier when you sleep better,” said Wendy Troxel in an interview with the New York Times.


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