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Here’s The One Thing You Should Always Avoid Doing On Airplanes

It’s bad enough that most parts of the airplane are filthy. When you’re on a long flight home for the holidays, the last thing you want to think about is how many diapers have been changed on the folding tray — and how many feet have used it for a little respite. Not to mention every part of the lavatory, the complimentary blankets and pillows that haven’t been washed since touching however many other passengers, and in-flight magazines.

But have you ever wondered about…the floor? While flight attendants will likely never mention it to you, walking around the cabin barefoot is something you should avoid at all costs. Let’s consider for a moment how many people have walked those floors, which likely have never been cleaned.

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That yoga sesh you’re thinking about doing in the galley? Think again.

If you need to stretch your feet, keep your shoes on. Or make sure you have some durable socks on. And please, whatever you do, try to refrain from stretching your feet out on the tray table. As a reminder, it’s not the same as putting your feet up on the dashboard of your buddy’s car.

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