What Those Colored Plastic Tags On Your Bread Mean

It makes sense

Colored Plastic Tags
Photo by jm3 on Flickr

It seems like a no brainer and it sort of is. Those colored tags and twist ties on your bags of bread? There’s meaning behind them.

Tasting Table did a little detective work and found out the colors correspond to certain days of the week, specifically which days the loaf was delivered to the store.

The alphabetical color code  (Monday – blue, Tuesday – green, Thursday – red, Friday– white and Saturday – yellow) allows employee to quickly identify loaves that are stale and need to be taken off store shelfs.

“But what about Wednesday and Sunday” you ask? Bread is not delivered on those days.

As Snopes points out, there is no industry wide standard, so this color coding system doesn’t apply to every bread manufacturer:

Placing blind reliance on the BGRWY code could well result in your consistently fetching home the older bread instead of the fresher stuff. Also, the schedule … (fresh bread delivered every day except Wednesday and Sunday) doesn’t hold true in every area. Different stores can be on different rotations, and even within the same store some brands will be coming in five times a week, while others arrive seven days a week.

There you have it. If you’re really into fresh bread, you should contact the manufacturer of your favorite brand and ask what color system they use. Or, just go to your local bakery and pick up a loaf.

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