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Hillary Clinton References Meme: I Think Death Row Records Influenced My Look

Last week, a tweet by @double_cupp_me compared the Hillary Clinton debate fashion to the suits worn by various members of notorious 1990s rap label Death Row Records. The tweet went viral with more than 102,000 retweets and 147,000 likes. This morning, the former Secretary of State referenced it during her interview this morning on the syndicated hip-hop radio station the Breakfast Club.

“This is a good hip-hop meme,” host Charlamagne Tha God told Clinton as he showed her the tweet on his phone. “In one you dress like Suge Knight, in one you dress like Tupac, and in one you dress like Snoop Dogg.”

While it wasn’t entirely clear if she knew or remembered what Death Row was, Clinton laughed heartily and provided a smooth, if not completely convincing, answer.

“I think Death Row and a lot of other fashion sources have influenced my look,” she said. “Don’t you?”

She also gave her review of Saturday Night Live‘s recurring parodies of her and Donald Trump’s debates. “They’re pretty funny,” she said. “I think they did a great job. It wasn’t hard to make fun of those debates, but they did a great job.”

Later in the interview, Stevie Wonder joined the show to sing the presidential candidate “Happy Birthday” for her 69th birthday. Watch the full show below. Clinton addresses the Death Row Records meme at 18:04, and Wonder joins the group at 21:17.

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