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Meme Of The Week: How One Disgusting Queso Transformed Into Much Fresher Memes

Few things spark more outrage than a traditionally delicious dish that’s transformed into something awful. Naturally, the internet had a lot of words for the following photo:

The photo was uploaded by Dana Perino, a Fox News anchor who later proceeded to explain her “Queso” recipe.

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Thank you, but no one asked.

Perino was so trolled by her followers that she was forced to respond, saying that at least her replies were more entertaining than the Super Bowl game. Nice try, Dana.

Users began uploading photos of their own version of “Queso,” which range from the disgusting to the hilarious. Adam Levine was brought up and so was Gritty. This meme was without a doubt the most entertaining part of the Super Bowl. Check out some of our favorites:

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