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How To Get Your Best Nine Year-End Collage On Instagram

The holidays and the end of the year is the perfect time for people to reminisce about all those amazing pictures you took with your friends and family. Logically, social media was meant to exploit this, creating short videos, like on Facebook where they commemorate friendships, anniversaries,and birthdays, or sleek and cool collages, like on Instagram.

Popularly known as Instagram’s Best Nine, this popular collage feature has an interesting backstory. The collages were meant to attract people to Nine, an Instagram based dating app that never took off but that had the idea of gathering the user’s 9 best photos to create their profile, displaying their personality without having to go through the hassle of making a profile and selecting images. Nine failed as a dating app, but Instagram’s best nine became a trademark of the holiday season.

We’re all about giving power to the people here, so we found this simple guide made by Bustle that explains all the steps you must follow to get your end of the year collage, implying that you had a much better year than reality suggests. In the end, that’s all we really want from Instagram:

Make Your Account Public

For some reason, best nine only works on public profiles, so make sure to change your privacy settings. You can do this by heading into your profile, tapping on the settings button, and selecting the private account slider button.

Download The Generator

You can find the generator on, where you can use the mobile to generate your collage and directly download it into your phone.

Input ID

The site will have a bar where you’ll write down your username and you’ll get your collage.


After that, you can share through Facebook or Twitter. To upload it directly on Instagram, you’ll have to save the image and then upload it like a regular picture. Happy 2018!

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