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How To Stay Sane While Living With Your Family

How To Move In With Your Family And Not Go Crazy
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Thinking of moving back in with your parents? Here are some tips that could help you stay sane and make the most of this transition.

A lot of people have been forced to relocate due to the pandemic, whether that means changing neighborhoods, states, or in some cases, back home with their parents. Sleeping in your childhood bed might be comforting in the face of the uncertain, but it’s also a change that many people are not equipped to deal with.

Moving back in with your family is often a temporary situation, but still, you should try your best to make the most of this opportunity and use it to your advantage. Living with your parents will likely allow you to save some money and to work on some of the most important and anchoring relationships in your life.

Here are some tips on living with your parents while avoiding losing your mind:

Mourn your loss

It’s difficult to not see moving back with your parents as a regression or as some kind of failure. Try to tone down this voice by cutting yourself some slack and reminding yourself of the unprecedented circumstances we’re going through: the economy is in bad shape and the consequences of the pandemic are very real. Mourn your loss, because it is very real. Give yourself room to be sad and disappointed that things didn’t go according to plan. This mindset will most likely allow you to embrace your new situation more readily.

Be clear about your boundaries

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In order to preserve your relationship with your parents, it’s important to set clear boundaries with them, which everyone in the house will benefit from. While you have to respect the fact that you’re moving into your parent’s house and that there’s some rules you should follow, you should be clear about certain topics. Enforce privacy in your bedroom and designate a work space that allows for uninterrupted work or free time. Keep track of the things that bug you and bring them up in ways that are constructive. Try to find a middle ground that works for the entire household.

Pitch in around the house

Moving in with your parents is also a big change for your parents. Try to make this transition as smooth as possible by pitching in with groceries, cooking, cleaning or gas. Have a conversation with them and set some ground rules. Work hard on sticking to these rules as if you had an agreement with a landlord you don’t have a personal relationship with.

Assert that you’re an adult

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While you should be mindful of where you’re living, you should also create the space for yourself to be happy and live your life. Keep social distancing guidelines in mind and look out for your parent’s safety. Try to embrace this new phase of your life with some excitement and joy.

Work on your savings

One of the biggest perks of living with your parents is that you’ll be spending much less money on rent. Take advantage of this if you can, trying your best to save money and to keep up with consistent loans and credit card payments.

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