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We’re Supposed To Believe Instagram Is Not Eavesdropping On Our Conversations

You’re not alone if you think that your Instagram app is listening in on your conversations, showing ads of products you’ve just mentioned. In these instances, it’s hard to blame your Google searches or purchase history, because you can be talking about the most random thing in the world and it’ll pop up on your Instagram guaranteed.

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Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently said that these instances aren’t evidence of the app listening in on you, they’re just “dumb luck,” which is absolutely preposterous. We’re dumb Adam, but not that dumb.

People reports that during an appearance on CBS This Morning, Gayle King asked Mosseri directly about this phenomenon. “Can you help me understand how I can be having a private conversation with someone about something I’m interested in seeing or buying… and an advertisement for that will pop up on my Instagram feed? I haven’t searched for it, I haven’t talked to anybody about it. I swear I think you guys are listening. I know you’re gonna say you’re not.”

When presented with this universal and clearly detailed experience, Mossieri had the gall to deny it, saying that Instagram is not listening in or scanning any of your personal messages. “There are two ways that can happen. One is dumb luck, which can happen. The second is you might be talking about something because it’s top of mind because you’ve been interacting with that type of content more recently,” he claimed.

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You don’t have to be a tech expert to realize that those awful Crocs you mentioned as a quick joke to your friend didn’t magically appear on your timeline because of “dumb luck.”

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