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Jesus’ Butt Was Hiding A 240-Year-Old Secret Message

Jesus' Butt Was Hiding A 240-Year-Old Secret Message
Photo by Thuong Do via Unsplash

A statue of Christ in Spain has been hiding a message in its butt for over 240 years, completing the ultimate act of trolling ever recorded in the history of mankind.

The hidden message was stored on a secret compartment in the statue’s butt, hidden by a piece of cloth that the Christ was wearing. Huffington Post reports that the only reason this compartment was discovered was because the statue, known as the Cristo del Miserere, had to be taken in for restoration.

Instead of containing a mysterious map that leads to treasure, the inside of the statue only contained a letter from 1777, written by Joaquin Minguez, a chaplain of the Cathedral of Burgo de Osma. The letter was the chaplain’s version of a time capsule, describing how life was 240 years ago and discussing the statue and other works of art created by the artist.

The letter also described some of the games that people used to play at the time (including cards and ball), some of the diseases that existed (such as malaria and typhoid), and the most common types of crop.

The original document was sent to the archbishop and a copy was returned to the statue’s butt for posterity. And for fun.

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