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Meghan Markle’s Father Is Paranoid He’ll Get Kidnapped In Mexico

Meghan Markle’s media thirsty father, Thomas Markle, lives in a retirement home in San Antonio Del Mar, an area that’s pretty close to the Tijuana border. Logically, he thinks he might be kidnapped by Mexican gangs, because we all know how much they love royal drama.

The Daily Mail reports that Mr. Markle feels like a “sitting duck,” waiting to be captured over the comments he’s made regarding his daughter and Prince Harry. “He dreads the prospect of having to spend the rest of his life constantly looking over his shoulder,” says a close friend of Thomas’s, believing that the paparazzi have affected the man’s quality of life. “Thomas is a heart patient who is supposed to be trying to create a stress-free environment for himself. The truth is, however, he’s in an almost constant state of anxiety and has been leading a semi-nomadic existence.”

Thomas has been staying at different motels along the Mexican border and crashing at friends’ homes. According to a source, he watched his daughter’s wedding from a roadside motel in San Diego while he recovered from heart surgery. “He’s done all he can to increase security but he’s pretty much stuck there because he can’t afford to move. He still doesn’t feel safe and fears his location makes him a sitting duck.”

Can Meghan come and save her dad from the Mexican mob? On the flip side, if she doesn’t, we probably will never have to hear from him again.


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