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Meme Of The Week: Popular Netflix Movie Creates Wordiest Meme Ever

To All The Boys I've Loved Before Meme
Illustration by Jennifer Ilett

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” was an overnight Netflix sensation. The movie made a star out of its two leads, reintroduced the YA source novel to the public, and sparked a legion of devoted fans that are begging for a sequel. Even though the movie was released a couple of weeks ago, you can still catch a couple of references and mentions of it on any social media site.

That’s where the “To All The Boys” meme comes in. It’s taken over Twitter with sweet, funny, sad and sometimes very thoughtful confessions from users who consider this an opportunity to get creative and make a good joke.

The meme uses the movies’ rambling title to make a self-deprecating comment on people’s past experiences with the boys in their lives. It’s kind of complex once you think about it, and very versatile, best illustrated with a real example.

While sometimes these confessions are honest and cute, the best versions of the meme come from people who have a lot of fun with it, making some sort of commentary that results in laughs, but mostly a depressing feeling because it’s so damn relatable and truthful.

It’s strange when one meme gives you the ability to vent about your personal problems, comment on toxic masculinity and the nature of sad relationships — sometimes combining all of these things using less than 280 characters. Situations like this prove how adept we’ve become at these types of communications. And that’s pretty deep for a meme.

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