Men Are Now Using Makeup To Contour Their Penises

Did not expect that

Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦via Unsplash

It seems like a small group of men have discovered the magic of make-p and are now taking full advantage of its powers. No, they’re not applying it to their faces, like Covergirl and MAC intended. They’re applying it to their penises.

Penis size is an issue that causes a lot of insecurity and stress, so this event is not much of a stretch even if it’s quite surprising. The makeup style that’s currently enlarging men is called “contouring.” According to Men’s Health, this style popularized by the Kardashians makes faces and penises look “sculpted” by providing definition and enhancing base structures. Within this context it sounds a little terrifying.

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This idea was initially mentioned in a YouTube video, where professional make-up artist Jeffree Star confessed that he’s contoured his penis several times to make it seem larger.

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Although Star didn’t go into the specifics of penis contouring — and there aren’t any make-up tutorials readily available — the contouring process generally consists of color correcting your imperfections, applying foundation and concealer, and using some sort of highlighter to bring the shine out of your skin. In short: it sounds pretty itchy and not like the world’s healthiest treatment for your penis.

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