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Massages And Aromatherapy: Mercedes Benz Cars Will Be Your Own Private Spa In 2018

Mercedes Benz develops amazing cars every year, coming up with new features that make driving easier, safer and cooler. Their S-Class cars or Sedans are becoming better than ever, with creative features that’ll help you become a better and safer driver, like active blind spot assist and active braking assist. Mercedes Benz has also developed some weirder stuff, like their energizing “comfort features,” which offer massages and different smells. Wait what?

These features are supposed to keep you engaged and active on the road, for example, the different fragrances the car offers are called by what they’re supposed to provide for you: vitality, joy, comfort and training. We’re also confused about that training fragrance and what it’s supposed to mean.

These new car massages will also be perfect for long hours of tedious driving, just as long as you don’t fall asleep. These 2018 Mercedes standard models will also include 64-color ambient lighting (so your car can now double as a spa and a nightclub), smartphone integration, 19-inch wheels and whole bunch of other cool stuff.

These cars will also include some new super powerful engines that’ll waste less resources and fuel, because global warming. While all of these new and cool features have been announced, their prices are obviously still unknown. Mercedes’ people don’t want you to run away just yet. Check out the first look video below.

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