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Nail Stamping Videos Are The Relaxing Experience Your Brain Needs

Soothing videos are a big and special thing on the Internet and sometimes they come from the most unlikely sources. There’s a little bit of everything online, from people cutting soaps in neat little squares to molding clay into beautiful shapes. These videos lend themselves to hours of uninterrupted viewing, giving your brain a delicious massage and leaving you with a sense of satisfaction, like things are right where they belong.

The latest trend with these types of videos feature stamps of elaborate shapes being placed on perfectly manicured nails. This really works because placing perfectly geometrical patterns onto gorgeous nails only adds to the soothing act of the manicure itself.

These nails look like complex and laborious art, but in theory, the process is pretty simple. According to Mashable, artists cover a stamping plate with nail polish. A silicone stamper is applied onto the plate, which holds the designs, and colored in with the polish which is then pressed onto the nail. The excess polish is removed from the finger with a nail file or other similar object.

These types of videos are known as ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. While the term is a mouthful, it basically refers to a visual or an auditory clip that gives you a tingling sensation in your brain and back of your neck.

Even though the nails are not practical or even all that pretty, the video is what counts, and there’s thousands of them out there. You can check some out by looking through Instagram on accounts like @liliumzz and @polishpixie92.


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