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New Zealand Restaurant Banned Kids Under 10 Because They’re Annoying

The Little Bistro, a restaurant in New Zealand, has a strict no kids policy, as if they were pets or skateboards. The policy is stated clearly on their website: “Out of respect for other diners we no longer accept reservations with children under 10 years old.”

While the restaurant’s methods are unorthodox and a little stiff, the Little Bistro deserves some sort of recognition for being so honest when it comes to their stance on kids. They don’t want ’em.

According to The Takeout, Little Bistro owner Richard Uttley claims that their “no kids” policy made the news recently due to some complaints from customers. He says that the policy has been in effect for a couple of years, and that complaints are a minority and mostly come from grandparents, not parents.

Uttley claims that his bistro is small and that straying children have been an issue in the past, with one of them bumping into a waitress who was carrying a tray of glasses and ended up injuring herself.

Rules like this one are not against the law, which clearly states that there can’t be any discrimination regarding patrons’ race, color, religion or country of origin. The Little Bistro’s policy functions more like a dress code and, for now, the restaurant is free to enforce it for as long as they want to.

Uttley claims that he’s not stopping anyone from eating out and having a good time, explaining that there are other restaurants around that are more child friendly. In short, he doesn’t want kids running around and throwing tantrums.

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