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Nicotine Smokers Are 7 Times More Likely To Smoke Cannabis Daily

A recent study published on the American Journal of Public Health claims that there’s a big link between nicotine and cannabis users, with nicotine smokers being seven times more likely than non-smokers to consume cannabis daily.

This link is especially strong with smokers who are between the ages of 12 and 17, being 50 percent more likely to smoke cannabis every other day than non-smokers of their age. Other results showed that occasional nicotine smokers of this demographic are four times more likely to smoke marijuana than non-smokers of their age. These results vary when it comes to the gender and race of the user; for example, results show that males smoke more than females and that hispanics smoke more than white smokers. These ethnicity based results are believed to be due to the changing demographic makeup of the country.

Due to the acceptance of marijuana and it’s slow legalization throughout the US, it’s important for parents to be aware of their kids’ habits. Smoking cannabis from an early age could result in negative consequences for their brain health and education.


“There may be a lot of confusing messages today among youth today about whether and to what degree cannabis use is harmful, especially in comparison with cigarettes. In many places, youth are clear that cigarettes are harmful, but with marijuana, especially amidst rapid legalization, this is not clear. What we are talking about here is daily cannabis use, and that is generally agreed upon to have a number of potential risks.”

It’s very important to talk to kids and teens about the risks of smoking nicotine and marijuana from an early age, to prevent it and to avoid further health problems.


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