Monday, March 20, 2023

Pennywise The Clown Is The ‘IT’ Pumpkin Carving This Halloween

Pumpkin carving has evolved into a minor league sport in recent years. Thanks to the advent of social media, everyone can share their pumpkin creations and propose one carving is better than the other. And every year the It pop culture icons of the years serve as inspiration for carvings. This year the It icon is, well, the movie It. Specifically people can’t get enough of Pennywise the Dancing clown.

Now, Pennywise is not a very nice clown. He’s literally the incarnation of pure evil manifested to showcase your deepest fears. But thanks to Bill Skarsgård’s sensational portrayal of the clown, that pure evil captivated dozens to show off their interpretation for Halloween.

Check out some of our favorite Pennywise pumpkin carvings this year.

The Faithful Adaptation

The Painting

The Light Show

The “Do It For The Snap”

The Red, White, And Blood All Over

 The Dad Joke

The “You’ll Float, Too”

The Picasso




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